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Sea Freight


Crystal Freight Services provides all types of competitive sea freight services, including consolidation, packing and shipping for your cargo from Singapore to most seaports and offering import sea freight services from well over 300 locations. Crystal Freight Services offers local exporters and importers cost effective international shipping services. Whether you’re shipping heavy equipments or relocating and looking for moving containers, vehicles, excavators, moving industrial machinery, oversize project cargo, pallets, crates, boxes and even the smallest cartons, Crystal Freight Services will provide the most cost effective sea freight solution. For peace of mind and added protection, Crystal Freight’s international freight services are able to provide competitive and optional freight insurance too.
When you call Crystal Freight Services for our sea freight services, you’re backed by a technologically advanced global network of transportation specialists utilizing cutting edge cybernetic systems. We ensure that this will make international freight services easier and faster, and of course works the way you want them to work. If you are looking for a team of experienced freight forwarders that know how to get the job done, then contact Crystal Freight Services Sea freight team today.

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