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Whether its stand-alone warehousing storage services that you require or combining our value-added services to serve your needs, we can provide a comprehensive integrated solution to you. From pallets, crates to small cartons, you can count on Crystal Freight Services team to handle your problems as well as your products, effectively and efficiently!
Services Provided:
  • 1. Multi-tenant warehousing for the flexibility you need;
  • 2. State-of-the-art technology, system integration and performance monitoring to enable real continuous improvement processes;
  • 3. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), which increase customer service and enabling checking on your end;
  • 4. Stuffing and Unstuffing of containers;
  • 5. Storage;
  • 6. Palletizing / Sorting / Order Picking;
Our experience with serving a variety of industries, allows us to: Apply the best of breed ideas. Integrate services and customize our solutions
We know the importance of developing the right tools for the right job, and we start by conducting a thorough analysis of your logistics and warehouse needs before presenting our solution. Often at times, we integrate our WMS systems to improve performance and accuracy, and of course, for your own convenience! We offer in-house expertise in EDI and manage the process directly to ensure that projects are done right and on time. Quality service providing flexible and integrated solutions to control costs and reduce problems is what Crystal Freight Services is all about!

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